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Injury Treatment

State Drug Testing & Occupational Health offers managed medical care for on-the-job injuries along with workers' compensation services.

Properly managed injury care is such an integral part of occupational health to ensure proper treatment to minimize the time to return to full duty. State Drug Testing & Occupational Health will respond to your workplace injuries and illnesses whenever they arise.  If the injury or illness is beyond the scope of occupational health treatment, State Drug Testing & Occupational Health will ensure the employee is rapidly transferred to a facility which can provide proper treatment. State Drug Testing & Occupational Health will treat lacerations, sprains, bruises and other workplace type injuries and will utilize laboratory and x-ray services for rapid and accurate diagnosis and determination of the proper treatment plan.  We will also perform all ancillary tests from your Post-Accident Policy such as drug collection and breath alcohol testing.  In the event a referral is needed, our doctors and providers communicate promptly with specialists.  For the employee, their family, and the employer, workplace injury or illness can be a stressful time. State Drug Testing & Occupational Health will determine the required level of care and manage that care to return the employee to full duty as soon as possible.  Results of the employee visit will be available on the employer portal within 30 minutes from the patient leaving the office.  Email notification to the Company Representative are also available.

State Drug Testing & Occupational Health strives to treat all patients as conservatively as possible. Our team is trained to understand the OSHA mandates for injury reporting and record keeping. While we treat your employees we properly manage care and work with your safety and loss personnel.  If the treatment needs exceed the limitations of the occupational medicine staff, the patient will be sent to the nearest facility to meet the treatment needs.

We Treat the Following Occupational Injuries

  • Sprains and Strains
  • Minor Lacerations
  • Minor Thermal/Chemical Burns
  • Eye Foreign Body Removal
  • Chemical Inhalations
  • Complete Non-Emergency Treatment

Diagnostic Equipment & Services Available

  • Full Time Medical Doctor
  • Full-time Certified Medical Assistants
  • Full Time Nurses
  • Full-Time Nurse Practitioner

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