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AAA DUI Solutions

DUI Class (Alcohol or Drug Use Risk Reduction Program) Certification number #10402

  • Flexible Schedules: Classes offered weekly. Choose between weekdays, weeknights or weekend options.
  • Approved ONLINE: DDS Licensed and Court Approved. Your certificate of completion is emailed.
  • Easy Registration: Ways to register…. call or in-person.
  • Lowest Fee by Law: $360 total. This fee is set and mandated by the Georgia Dept of Driver Services (DDS).

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1st Step

Before you are able to take our DUI/Risk Reduction Course, you must first register and complete a mandatory DUI Assessment to be taken 24 hours prior to class instruction. Once you pay for your class an email will be sent to you with your class info.


2nd Step

After completing your Assessment, you are enrolled in one of our 20 hour in-class or on-line DUI/Risk Reduction Courses at 24 W Chatham Court.


3rd Step

Following the successful completion of the DUI/Risk Reduction Course, you will receive a certificate of completion on the final day of the course.





Class Schedules and Times

Class schedules are;

Friday starting at 5pm ending at 9pm

Saturday starting and 8am lunch at 12pm, starting back at 1pm ending at 5pm. 

Sunday starting and 8am lunch at 12pm, starting back at 1pm ending at 5pm.

DUI/Drug Risk Reduction Program

Assessment Fee

Assessment Fee is $100.00

The assessment is the first step in the intervention process. It is a self-administered survey, which is computer scored and analyzed. The assessment instrument is NEEDS, which is nationally recognized and validated. The NEEDS assessment helps the student understand his/her level of involvement with alcohol and/or drugs and how it is impacting his/her life.

Class/On-Line Fee Plus Book fee

Class Fee is $235.00

Plus a $25.00 Workbook Fee

Intervention component or 20 hour class is a course that delivers therapeutic education over a 20 hour period. The required curriculum for the Risk Reduction Program is Prime for Life.

We get you through the class quickly, but DDS only allows a max of an 8 hour day and no more than 4 hours in each session, including an hour break. To accommodate this requirement, our classes run for 2 full days and then 1 additional evening or for 4 days with shorter class times.


Option #1:
Friday: 5pm to 9pm
Saturday: 8am to 5pm
Sunday: 8am to 5pm

On line classes are available.

Option #2:
Saturday: 8am to 5pm
Sunday: 8am to 5pm
Monday: 5pm to 9pm

On line classes are available.

Option #3:
Week day classes are available.

On line classes are available.

Assessment Fee: $100.00
20 Hour Class: $235.00
Book Fee: $25.00
Total $360.00

All prices are regulated by the state of Georgia.

We offer Counceling and Other Assessments you may need.

AAA DUI Solutions offers many other assessments needed for court or other work release programs. If you don’t find the assessment you are looking for call us to discuss.

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