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Performing collections at your place of business or job site offers many benefits including simplified logistics and the convenience of not having to coordinate the drug test collection process. Through our mobile, on-site collection service, we make it easier for you and your employees to provide urine, hair, oral fluid or breath alcohol specimens for testing.

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We perform thosands of drug tests annually as a leading drug testing provider. Learn more about the most common reasons for testing, including pre-employment and randoms. No matter where we collect the specimen, whether at a collection site or on-site at your place of business, the same standardized processes are used from collection to results reporting.

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We understand the need for comprehensive, turn-key collection services that not only meet your drug testing needs, but also seamlessly integrate with your business. Our 24/7 Call Center helps to ensure proper adherence to your protocol prior to the collector releasing the employee, drastically reducing the need for test cancellations and employee callbacks.
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