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James F. Connolly

James F. Connolly
M.D., Medical Director
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James F. Connolly, M.D. has been practicing medicine for almost 65 years. He is from Toronto Canada and attended the University of Ottawa Medical School and completed his residencies in Gynecology at Ottawa General Hospital and Surgery at Boston City Hospital. He also served as a Senior Teaching Fellow in Surgery at Boston University School of Medicine. During the following years, he served various roles in Surgery and Family practice in Canada and the US. For the last 20 years he served as Medical Director and Medical Review Officer in several occupational health facilities in the Charleston SC area. In 2020, James joined State Drug Testing & Occupational Health as Medical Director and Medical Review Officer. He is DOT Certified. Dr. Connolly’s medical experience is a great asset to State Drug Testing & Occupational Health and the Savannah Business community.

Specialty M.D., Medical Director
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